[pymvpa] probabilities from GNB

Richard Dinga dinga92 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 15:19:30 BST 2018

I am trying to get a probability prediction for each sample from
cross-validation. I used .ca.stats.sets to get those, however, for GNB
these all look like this:

print cvte.ca.stats.sets[0][2]
[[-1009.22758728 -1079.77409491]
 [ -795.59690176 -1038.32481958]
 [ -875.73917377 -1189.377741  ]
 [-1483.49338276  -856.61441132]
 [-1308.29372328  -815.90664933]
 [-1169.79999768  -737.54291075]]

I thought these are log probabilities, but after exponentiation, they are
all 0, although based on accuracy and AUC the classifier works fine.

Any idea how to fix this or is this as good as it can get? My ultimate goal
is to get GNB probabilities from GNB searchlight. Trying the same thing
using SMLR seems to produce valid probabilities (in a sane range and rows
sums to 1).

Best regards,
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