[pymvpa] Cluster correction for partial correlation on searchlight map

S.P.H. Speer speer at rsm.nl
Mon Jul 9 10:00:06 BST 2018

Dear experts,

I have run a similarity searchlight (correlation) looking at the difference between two conditions (Ultimatum Game vs Dictator Game) on 31 one subjects from two different cohorts. As a next step I am correlating the dissimilarity scores at each voxel with the average difference in behavior between the two conditions, while controlling for the group membership (cohorts) as a dummy variable. I am now wondering how to implement cluster correction for this analysis? Is the only viable way the Stelzer algorithm (http://mvpa.blogspot.com/2012/10/permuting-searchlight-maps-stelzer.html)  or are there other alternatives? I have considered for instance fsl randomize or just the simple cluster function?

Thanks for your help,

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