[pymvpa] PyMVPA for non-human data?

Sajjad Torabian torabiansajjad at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 10:22:21 BST 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm working on macaque fMRI and was wondering if PyMVPA can be used for
monkey as well. Is it like some functions may work and some may not? Would
fit_event_hrf_model work (since MION is usually used in monkey fMRI rather
than BOLD)? Thank you very much!

Also, I found the following article but it was not clear whether they used
PyMVPA for their monkey data as well:
"Parcellation of Human and Monkey Core Auditory Cortex with fMRI Pattern
Classification and Objective Detection of Tonotopic Gradient Reversals"

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