[pymvpa] How consistent is the correlation between the brain and the target dissimilarity structures?

Usman Sheikh u.sheikh at bcbl.eu
Wed May 20 15:18:28 BST 2020

Hi PyMVPA experts, 

I have an RDM, and I am using a whole-brain searchlight to know where in the brain the dissimilarity structures are similar to this RDM. I am using PDistTargetSimilarity and sphere_searchlight as demonstrated in the tutorial here: [ http://www.pymvpa.org/examples/rsa_fmri.html | http://www.pymvpa.org/examples/rsa_fmri.html ] . 

At the moment, when the brain RDM is calculated at each sphere center, it uses the mean of events across all repetitions and runs. What I would like to do however is to calculate these RDMs (and eventually a map of PDistTargetSimilarity) considering trials from each run separately, and then calculate the consistency of the maps obtained across runs. In other words, I would like to calculate the consistency of the results obtained using PDistTargetSimilarity across runs. How can I make use of PDistConsistency to do that? 

Usman Ayub Sheikh 
Predoctoral Researcher 

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