[Pkg-fonts-devel] Re: RFS: libuninameslist -- a library of Unicode annotation data

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Apr 14 07:48:25 UTC 2006

> > I suggest changing the version to 0.0.20050712, indeed.
> Done. See on my repository.
> > I'm also not fond of the hard copy of config.{sub|guess} which
> > includes them in the diff.gz.
> /usr/share/misc/config.{sub|guess} - as requires the autotools-dev
> documentation. Now it is used symbolic links.

OK. That raises the two small concerns I had. I'm now building the
package and will upload it.

> > and well implemented in cdbs, by the
> > way.
> I am sorry, but I dislike cdbs. With debhelper everything is clear
> and simply.

Well, nothing simpler than oneliner debian/rules, isn't it? :-)

Anyway, I'd be interested to hear about what makes you dislike cdbs
...I prefer arguments than just feelings (which does not mean I won't
understand your arguments...).

My own opinion is that cdbs makes builds more consistent and avoids
maintainers to care about changing stuff, for instance in debhelper,
to better concentrate on issues that are specific to their packages.

Of course, all this supposes that cdbs is properly maintained
up-to-date, which is probably a key point (and actually something I'm
not completely sure of).

Anyway, I will never try to force a maintainer to use it if (s)he
doesn't like it....:). I will just try to have him/her explain *why*
(s)he doesn't like it.

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