[Pkg-fonts-devel] Re: RFS: libuninameslist -- a library of Unicode annotation data

Kęstutis Biliūnas kebil at kaunas.init.lt
Fri Apr 14 10:06:25 UTC 2006

Pn, 2006 04 14 09:48 +0200, Christian Perrier rašė:
> OK. That raises the two small concerns I had. I'm now building the
> package and will upload it.


> Anyway, I'd be interested to hear about what makes you dislike cdbs
> ...I prefer arguments than just feelings (which does not mean I won't
> understand your arguments...).
> My own opinion is that cdbs makes builds more consistent and avoids
> maintainers to care about changing stuff, for instance in debhelper,
> to better concentrate on issues that are specific to their packages.

This is the excerpt from one Jeroen van Wolffelaar email on the
debian-mentors list, and I agree with him:
- What's going on is mostly clear, it's (debhelper) in fact 'basicly'
  a library of command snippets
- debhelper(7) contains a list of all the available dh_foo programs,
  and a short description of each. That should give you hints of what
  stuff can be done with it.
- No makefile fu, easily debuggeable because there's a clear place to
  put extra code at each step, and because of DH_VERBOSE. Flow of
  control is easy when not having expert makefile fu in debian/rules,
  and most people are no makefile experts
- No need to migrate away from cdbs at any time you need to do something
  complicated not catered for in cdbs (in cdbs you require to have hooks
  available for what you want, rather than that being automatically
- Does not encourage evil things like build-time rewriting of
- Much more mature, cdbs is still in high flux, and iirc a rewrite
  (cdbs2) is planned or underway
- And last but not least, debhelper is used in much more packages than
  cdbs, and greater familiarity exists amongst DD's and other

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