[Pkg-fonts-devel] [Fwd: Re: [i18n] Input Method and Fonts improvements for Gutsy]

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Aug 10 14:25:46 UTC 2007

Quoting Nicolas Spalinger (nicolas at spalinger.org):
> Here's a useful initial analysis by Arne around input methods and
> default core font selections:

The fonts part is really interesting for us to improve Debian tasks. I
have some comments:

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Font Name	Package			Scripts			Filesize
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> DejaVu Sans	ttf-dejavu		Multiple		519412
> DejaVu Sans Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		493320
> DejaVu Sans Mono	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		289712
> DejaVu Sans Mono Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		278376
> DejaVu Serif		ttf-dejavu	Multiple		213360
> DejaVu Serif Bold	ttf-dejavu	Multiple		204988
> MgOpenCanonica		ttf-mgopen	Greek			281580
> MgOpenCanonica Bold	ttf-mgopen	Greek			284968
> MgOpenModerna		ttf-mgopen	Greek			60404
> MgOpenModerna Bold	ttf-mgopen	Greek			57592

We should hear more from the Greek users/translators about making this
font installed in the greek-desktop task

> PakType Tehreer	ttf-paktype		Arabic, Farsi, Urdu	308756

Adnène, your advice here ? Maybe a good thing to look at for the G-I
fonts and, anyway a font to add to the arabic-desktop task ?

> Scheherazade	ttf-scheherazade	Arabic, Farsi, Urdu	260392


> Lohit Bengali	ttf-bengali-fonts	Bengali			138536
> Chandas		ttf-devanagari-fonts	Devanagari		2584956
> Lohit Gujarati	ttf-gujarati-fonts	Gujarati		79168
> Lohit Kannada	ttf-kannada-fonts	Kannada			186364
> AnjaliOldLipi	ttf-malayalam-fonts	Malayalam		433556
> Lohit Oriya	ttf-oriya-fonts		Oriya			93140
> Saab		ttf-punjabi-fonts	Punjabi			114092
> Lohit Tamil	ttf-tamil-fonts		Tamil			64760
> Pothana2000	ttf-telugu-fonts	Telugu			194268

This needs input from debian-in-workers, imho. Anyway, these packages,
from ttf-indic-fonts *are* installed in the relevant tasks.

> Sazanami Mincho	ttf-sazanami-mincho	Japanese		10554196
> Sazanami Gothic	ttf-sazanami-gothic	Japanese		7690324

Would be interesting to get an advice by japanese users, here.

>  * These fonts are supposed to be taken out of their packages and put
> together into a new core-fonts packages. Installing their original
> packages will waste a lot of space.

I suppose this is a Ubuntu-only goal but I'm not sure how they will
handle the various licenses/copyrights/etc....

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