[Pkg-fonts-devel] [Fwd: Re: [i18n] Input Method and Fonts improvements for Gutsy]

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Fri Aug 10 15:40:21 UTC 2007


> Adnène, your advice here ? Maybe a good thing to look at for the G-I
> fonts and, anyway a font to add to the arabic-desktop task ?
>> Scheherazade	ttf-scheherazade	Arabic, Farsi, Urdu	260392

As I mentioned to adn earlier, I should be able to get a source package
up for Scheherazade this week-end for him to review. Then sponsorship
and Ubuntu syncs can happen (I'm in touch with the current Ubuntu
maintainer who is willing to sync and reduce the deltas)

I've done some work on the GFS fonts too. (all in svn). Source packages
should be available soon as well.


>> Lohit Bengali	ttf-bengali-fonts	Bengali			138536
>> Chandas		ttf-devanagari-fonts	Devanagari		2584956
>> Lohit Gujarati	ttf-gujarati-fonts	Gujarati		79168
>> Lohit Kannada	ttf-kannada-fonts	Kannada			186364
>> AnjaliOldLipi	ttf-malayalam-fonts	Malayalam		433556
>> Lohit Oriya	ttf-oriya-fonts		Oriya			93140
>> Saab		ttf-punjabi-fonts	Punjabi			114092
>> Lohit Tamil	ttf-tamil-fonts		Tamil			64760
>> Pothana2000	ttf-telugu-fonts	Telugu			194268
> This needs input from debian-in-workers, imho. Anyway, these packages,
> from ttf-indic-fonts *are* installed in the relevant tasks.
>> Sazanami Mincho	ttf-sazanami-mincho	Japanese		10554196
>> Sazanami Gothic	ttf-sazanami-gothic	Japanese		7690324
> Would be interesting to get an advice by japanese users, here.

Christian, how's the best way to launch a call for feedback for the
preferred fonts across the Debian language communities? Who to target
and where to announce? Seems like you're an ideal person to share
insights on doing this properly to say the least :)

Can we also set up the regular run of our font review script now that
the box hosting Alioth has the right tool thanks to Paul's bug:

Anybody feels like helping me getting this into place?

>>  * These fonts are supposed to be taken out of their packages and put
>> together into a new core-fonts packages. Installing their original
>> packages will waste a lot of space.
> I suppose this is a Ubuntu-only goal but I'm not sure how they will
> handle the various licenses/copyrights/etc....

Ideally this core open fonts set will be the same across as many
environments as possible. The goal is that the freedesktop common set
will get build with feedback from the Debian and Ubuntu communities.

I think we can work together with the Ubuntu folks on this one too: IIRC
Arne is active on both sides too.

As for licensing around fonts, Debian and Ubuntu are in agreement and I
don't think there will be need for license changes. OTOH, license
unification for such a package would make a lot of sense...

Nicolas Spalinger

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