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Arne Goetje arne at linux.org.tw
Fri Aug 10 15:53:08 UTC 2007

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Nicolas Spalinger wrote:

>>>  * These fonts are supposed to be taken out of their packages and put
>>> together into a new core-fonts packages. Installing their original
>>> packages will waste a lot of space.
>> I suppose this is a Ubuntu-only goal but I'm not sure how they will
>> handle the various licenses/copyrights/etc....
> Ideally this core open fonts set will be the same across as many
> environments as possible. The goal is that the freedesktop common set
> will get build with feedback from the Debian and Ubuntu communities.

Actually, I have taken some advice already from the freedesktop fonts
list. :)

> I think we can work together with the Ubuntu folks on this one too: IIRC
> Arne is active on both sides too.

yes, I am.

> As for licensing around fonts, Debian and Ubuntu are in agreement and I
> don't think there will be need for license changes. OTOH, license
> unification for such a package would make a lot of sense...

Not unification, that would not be possible, because that would mean
upstream font authors would have to relicense their work.
And I'm sure of at least one case where this is impossible.

No, the individual fonts keep their licenses. All fonts I mentioned are
DFSG free, AFAIK. So, it should be a problem to get them into one
package and attach a license file to each font stating it's copyright
and license terms.

OTOH, if that should really pose a problem:
The second idea I proposed, was to split the current font packages into
2: one -core package with the fonts needed for the Desktop core fonts,
and one -extra package with the additional fonts. License and copyrights
would not be touched, just the package rebuilt and split into two.

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