[Pkg-fonts-devel] Request for review/sponsorship. ITP #511036

simon at ochsenreither.de simon at ochsenreither.de
Tue Dec 1 11:58:18 UTC 2009


could someone review my package?

It is here:

It is already lintian clean.

I just have some minor specific questions:

a) Regarding the drop of defoma: I have dropped the hint file, the  
dependency and the rule, is that correct? It looks like the fonts are  
recognized correctly without the hint file, are there any additional  
steps necessary?
b) Source format: Is there anything I have to do?
c) What are the dependencies/suggestions in control? I have seen  
packages which suggest x-ttcidfont-conf | fontoconfig, others which  
don't suggest anything, etc.
d) Is the name correct? I didn't find a policy on how the package  
should be named, and followed the pattern ttf-<fontname>. Some  
packages have the pattern ttf-<foundry>-<fontname>, some have other  
names ... any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


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