[Pkg-fonts-devel] Switch ttf-khmeros to team maintenance?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Nov 18 17:13:34 UTC 2009

Quoting Paul Wise (pabs at debian.org):

> I'm no longer the maintainer of ttf-khmeros and the SVN repo is not in
> sync with the archive:
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/t/ttf-khmeros.html
> Unfortunately Soputtra San (aka kenno) doesn't seem to be taking care
> of the package as I had expected.
> Kenno, could you fix the bugs that I filed or forward them upstream
> and sync the packaging in the archive with the pkg-fonts SVN
> repository? If you'd like the team to help, please change the
> maintainer/uploader fields as suggested above.

Of course, we'll add your (kenno) account to committers for you to be
able to do this. Do you have an account on Alioth.debian.org?

> BTW, any ideas about the status of KhmerOS upstream? They don't seem
> to have fixed any of the bugs I filed on their sf.net project. Perhaps
> some of them will come to Thailand for the Debian camp and I can find
> out there:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianThailand/DebCamp2009
> Are you coming to that BTW?

I guess the question was for Kenno, of course...but actually, I would
have loved to try coming to such event. Sad that I learn about it
quite late. I may have missed some announcement unfortunately.

> > ...and then make the changes I'm gradually doing to our packages:
> >
> > - bump debhelper compatibility to 7
> I'd suggest moving to a minimal dh rules.tiny style rules file too.

Yes. I was actually not keen to do it because my own expertise in
"new" dh7 stuff is not good enough and I couldn't figure out how to do
it *and keep (temporarily) the dh_isntalldefoma call.

However, since then, I found the ttf-tuffy package where Fabian
already did this....

> > - Add README.source
> This shouldn't be needed with dpkg-source v3?

That's an habit I bringed from my work on samba, but you may actually
be right. Once one has the right Vcs-SVN: field in debian/control, it
probably becomes useless.

> > - import upstream source
> Upstream source is .ttf files last I checked, which isn't that useful
> to check in to SVN.

Helps in building directly from SVN. It also helps in keeping
successive upstream version in the VCS (in tags/).

> > - move to 3.0 (quilt) source format
> > - update Standards to 3.8.3
> These sound good.
> Switching away from defoma could also be a good idea.

Sure. I'm however still uncomfortable in doing this as the thread
didn't lead to a clear conclusion of what has to be done.

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