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Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Thu Jan 14 06:02:28 UTC 2010

Quoting Mauro Lizaur (debian at cacavoladora.org):

> Thanks for your extensive reply, I'll update the wiki and the README.souce 
> (along with the font), with this sort of how-to. Hope you don't mind :-)

(I still wonder whether you're subscribed to the list. Please tell me
so that I stop CC'iig you if that's the case)

I certainly don't mind. This is how collaborative work is
working..:-). I was indeed thinking about upsating this and making the
README.source file slightly more comprehensive, particularly about the
first import.

PS: From the commit logs (btw, all commits are mailed to
pkg-fonts-commit at lists.alioth.d.o), I see that you had some trouble
figuring out where to place the tags/ and branches/ directories.

In short, that's easy: under the root dir of SVN, we should have
packages/ and there, each source package in its own directory, and
then each source packages has its own trun/, tags/ and branches/

You may want to checkout another package to get an
example. ttf-dzongkha could be a good and simple example. ttf-dejavu
is another good, but more complex example (with much more
history.....but I'm unsure whether Davide imported upstream for it,

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