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Mauro Lizaur debian at cacavoladora.org
Thu Jan 14 07:40:07 UTC 2010

2010-01-14, Christian PERRIER:

> Quoting Mauro Lizaur (debian at cacavoladora.org):
> > Thanks for your extensive reply, I'll update the wiki and the README.souce 
> > (along with the font), with this sort of how-to. Hope you don't mind :-)
> (I still wonder whether you're subscribed to the list. Please tell me
> so that I stop CC'iig you if that's the case)

Yes, I'm subscribed to this list since the other day (I was before, but 
changed the email address and... long story :-))

> I certainly don't mind. This is how collaborative work is
> working..:-). I was indeed thinking about upsating this and making the
> README.source file slightly more comprehensive, particularly about the
> first import.

Yep, I said that in case that you were planning to do so and haven't had
the time to publish these changes.
For now just updated the wiki [0], so if you (or anybody else) feels like 
it needs some improvement, go ahead.

[0] http://wiki.debian.org/Fonts/SvnHowTo

> PS: From the commit logs (btw, all commits are mailed to
> pkg-fonts-commit at lists.alioth.d.o), I see that you had some trouble
> figuring out where to place the tags/ and branches/ directories.
> In short, that's easy: under the root dir of SVN, we should have
> packages/ and there, each source package in its own directory, and
> then each source packages has its own trun/, tags/ and branches/
> directories.

Yeah, I had a rough moment at the first (... and second) attempt, but
then I figured out [1]. So I cleaned all the mess I did in the meanwhile,
hopefully leaving everything as it should be.
BTW, the branches/ directory was already there, so I haven't removed it (yet).
The thing that made me confuse was on which directories to use,
I thought that the referred directories were local and not the ones on
the svn.d.o (silly me). Hence the multiple commits to clean the mess :-|.

[1] "the third time is the charm", as some say.

The following days I'll be working on the two remaining fonts, and hopefully
doing it the right way at the first attempt.
If there's still anything wrong, please notice me.


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