[Pkg-fonts-devel] Future of fonts-android (source) [Was: updated fonts-androd has fonts missing]

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sun Oct 18 16:28:44 UTC 2015

Quoting Vasudev Kamath (2015-10-18 16:18:54)
> 1. DroidSans and DroidSerif variants are removed by upstream and new
>    tarball now contains only DroidSansMono and DroidSans fallback
>    variants. (DroidSansFallback and DroidSansFallbackFull).
> 2. Roboto fonts are also dropped from upstream repository.
> There is also some indication that DroidSans and Serif variants are 
> removed because its merged into Noto ¹.
> 1. Its time we split fonts-android into proper upstream fonts, till now
>    fonts-android was just collection from Android source repository.
> 2. We provide appropriate transitional package for stretch to allow
>    smooth transition. (We need to decide what should be done depending
>    on fonts usage)
> Since currently upstream provides only fallback variants we will 
> provide a new package fonts-droid-fallback and fonts-droid 
> transitional dummy package pulls in this package and once we confirm 
> that Droid is really merged into Noto we can make appropriate package 
> from fonts-noto source as dependency of fonts-droid transitional dummy 
> package.
> Now coming fonts-roboto, we need to package it from the actual 
> upstream.

Are you informing that you'll do the work, or who are "we" in above? 

Remember to also check build-rdeps!

Makes good sense to track Roboto in new source package fonts-roboto.

Droid, however seems not moved to Noto but instead abandoned upstream.  
I suggest to keep current source package for Droid, move it to section 
oldlibs, file bugreports to rdepends warning it might be dropped and 
encouraging to consider use Noto instead.

We can then either a) keep Droid as-is for eternity, b) gradually bump 
severy of those bugreports as we get closer to freeze and drop package 
before freeze, or c) update source package (eventually renaming it just 
to look nicer) if we learn that upstream maintenance is renewed (either 
by Google who commissioned the fonts, or Ascender who seems to own 
copyright for it, or Christian Robertson who authored it originally, or 
whoever else choosing to step up).

 - Jonas

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