[Pkg-fonts-devel] Looking for a sponsor for my fonts-hack package

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Thu Sep 3 12:27:39 UTC 2015

Hi Fabian,

thank you very much for you review, I am preparing a new version of the
package, I'll probably upload it to mentors later today.

On 2015-09-03 06:45, Fabian Greffrath wrote:
> debian/copyright:
>  * Your upstream sources do not contain any documentation of the 
>    copyright and License. This is very bad, please convince your 
>    upstream of including such a file.

Here I'm not sure about what to do. The upstream distribution is a .zip
file with just the .ttf files, I manually repackaged this into the
.orig.tar.xz package, and here I'm already unsure if this way to proceed
is correct.

It's true that the upstream .zip does not contain a license file, but
the git repository does, and it's where I took what I put in the
debian/copyright file. Should I manually add this file to the .orig
archive? Or should I add a note about where to find this file?

The file is written in Markdown, it's very legible. Is it plain enough
to be directly included? If it is, I could also easily include the
upstream changelog, that is in the same format.

Let me know and thank you again.


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