[Pkg-fonts-devel] Looking for a sponsor for my fonts-hack package

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Thu Sep 3 20:54:33 UTC 2015

Dear Jonas,

thanks for your feedback, I am now subscribed to the mailing list.

On 2015-09-03 22:31, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Paride Legovini (2015-09-03 16:11:06)
>> I tried the .otf font first, and I found it very bad. After this I 
>> found out the on Linux system the the .ttf version is recommended, and 
>> indeed the result is much, mych better. The README says: "The .ttf 
>> files are recommended for screen use on Linux and Windows platforms."
> Maybe these Opentype fonts really are in worse shape¹ than the Truetype 
> counterparts, but more likely the recommendation (and your tests?) 
> relate to application support for the font formats: Applications vary 
> widely in how they render fonts.

> Therefore: Please consider sharing which tests you made using which 
> applications, so that we can try identify whether Opentype fonts or 
> rendering is the actual issue here.

Well, I tested the font where I intend to mostly use it: in my terminal.
The terminal is sakura, it's a VTE based GTK3 terminal.

Check the two attached files, it's apparent that otf version gives a
result that is by far worse. Check especially the bold 'm' letter, the
dollar symbol and the dot inside of the '0' character.

In case it matters, I chose the native hinting method in when
configuring fontconfig-config.

I'm very willing to investigate the issue, I hope I'll end packaging the
best version of this font.



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