[Pkg-fonts-devel] Update for fonts-sil-annapurna

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sat Jun 24 01:12:06 UTC 2017

Hi Bobby,

sorry, I didn't follow the thread but want to comment on a few things.

> I face this issue with more than one font package, and also TECkit,
> which is on PSO (one of the package names is libteckit) but Debian has
> libteckit0 [1] so I also need to transition the package on PSO.

teckit in Debian seems to be dead. The original maintainer hasn't 
answered my questions/request for months, trivial fixes are not 
done. He asked me to use his libteckit for texlive building, but
since it never came out of experimental and RC buggy, I would
suggest we ask for removal of this package.

If there is need, I could built libteckit packages from the texlive-bin

> Rename which says to use Breaks/Replaces. Item #5 links to another page
> that discusses Breaks/Replaces. I also read about Conflicts and Breaks
> in the policy manual at [3] and thought Breaks was the correct choice.
> What did I miss?

If you want the packages in Debian, you don't need to do anything. There
is no need to consider packages that have never been part of Debian.
What you *can* do to ensure that no strange package is there
	in package A:
		Conflicts: package-B
breaks/replaces etc are only necessary for transitions of packages
*within* Debian.

> fonts-sil-annapurna be the renamed replacement of
> fonts-sil-annapurnasil. How do I best ensure apt-get dist-upgrade
> handles this correctly?

Make fonts-sil-annapurnasil a transitional package depending on 

(Transitional is nothing special here, just a package with a comment
that it can be uninstalled afterwards)

> The font needs a shaping library such as HarfBuzz or Graphite2 to
> display correctly. That is why the shared library of libgraphite2-3 is

No, that is wrong. The font is not displaying itself, but some program
(office, TeX, firefox, ...) is displaying the fonts. And these programs
need to depend on the shaping library.

All the best


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