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Sat Feb 17 13:11:48 UTC 2018

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We are Looking for dealers in Free areas

Klindex, a World market leader, is proud to introduce you a new range of cardboard shredder: EDWARD. It is a professional line of industrial cardboard shredders, eco-friendly, compact and affordable. No more wasting and rough packaging!   

EDWARD free your room in the warehouse by turning used cartons into 3 kinds of packing material for shipment: - Carton elastic mesh: useful for product packing and for box filling, a perfect replacement of the bubble wrap. - Confetti: room saver, ideal for fillings in the place of polystyrene or similar. - Carton stripes: for special packaging.         [ Contact US!!! ]( http://r.klindex.com/track/click/9mnhfa0ddhnabd )      

   Edward Net  

Carton elastic mesh for packing and protecting purposes.        [ more info here > ]( http://r.klindex.com/track/click/9mnhfa15thnabd )

   Edward Chips

Space-saver, useful and ideal to replace polystyrene.        [ more info here > ]( http://r.klindex.com/track/click/9mnhfa1y9hnabd )      

   Edward Strips
Carton stripes suitable for special packaging.       [ more info here > ]( http://r.klindex.com/track/click/9mnhfa2qphnabd )

   Edward Office
The professional document shredder for office usage.       [ more info here > ]( http://r.klindex.com/track/click/9mnhfa3j5hnabd )                  

KLINDEX srl s.s. 5 Tiburtina Valeria, Km209+200 - 65024 Manoppello (PE) Italy tel: 085 8590016 - fax: 085 859 9224
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