/usr/bin/open now in use through the alternatives system.

Charles Plessy plessy at debian.org
Sun Dec 27 23:15:45 GMT 2020

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Dear all,

I went ahead and uploaded to Sid mime-support version 3.68, which
provides /usr/bin/open as a symbolic link to /usr/bin/run-mailcap using
the alternatives system, at a priority of 30.  I welcome other

I also changed the behaviour of run-mailcap so that, when run as `open`,
it will not replace the file with a temporary copy when its name needs
to be escaped.  As a consequence, there is no redundancy between the
`see` and `open` commands.

At the moment the manual page of open is simply the one of run-mailcap,
but I plan to provide a specific one.  Given the lack of answer to my
previous email (quoted below), I have not implemented URL support in

> Le Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 04:27:17AM +0900, Charles Plessy a écrit :
> > 
> > May I ask you for extra information on how important is it to support
> > URLs, and if anything beyond file:/, http:// and https:// would need
> > to be supported ?
> ...
> > Also, can you give me a pointer to an explanation of what file:/ URLs
> > are useful for ?  I read RFC 8089, but still did not get the point.
> ...
> > Since `eog http://example.com/image.png` will open the image,
> > shouldn't an "open" program ask to the server what the media type of
> > the URL is, and pass it to the default program able to handle it,
> > instead of just visualising in the browser ?

Have a nice day,


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