Bug#501508: openarena-data: openarena contains materials from non-free sources

Steve Cotton steve0001 at s.cotton.clara.co.uk
Wed Oct 8 20:59:22 UTC 2008

For anyone without OpenArena installed, a screenshot of Kyonshi:

> The Wikipedia article you linked to says that it's a very specific
> character of a very specific copyrighted series.

Yes, it's a page about that character.

> Whether it is its own genre or not is not at debate, but the
> copyright violation should be clear.  It'd be fine for a
> completely original character to appear in OA, but not a blatent
> ripoff of a copyrighted one.

There's a load of 1980s horror movies with these sort of vampires
in.  I'm not that sort of movie buff, so haven't seen many of them.

IMO, even if the Darkstalkers character is the reason that a
Chinese vampire is included in Open Arena; the similarity is
largely because of the monster genre, rather than a copy from

> What exactly is a "generic space marine"?  They don't exist in real
> life (yet), so the only way to display one is in fantasy (including
> games).

Doom is not the exclusive origin of space marines; even if all the
existing artwork is fantasy.

> [name similarities]

Things I wasn't aware of before:

Lei-Lei and Hsien-ko are two names for the same character from
Capcom's Darkstalkers.

OpenArena's upstream maintainer uses the nickname leilol and, on
her forums page, the Capcom character as an icon.

Upstream's homepage currently states that the latest version has
been pulled due to a copyvio.  That's version 0.8, not the 0.7.7
that's in Debian.  LeiLol seems to be in the right, actively
sorting out a copyvio as its reached her attention.

I still don't think that these characters are a copyvio.


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