[Pkg-gmagick-im-team] Bug#860763: policy.xml contrasts with documentation

Douglas Perkins douglas at dperkins.org
Fri Jul 9 15:38:28 BST 2021

As a desktop user who has used ImageMagick for years, right now it's 
quite surprising because I can't format shift.  Converting a JPG to a 
PDF, for example, is (or was) an ordinary well-documented way of using 
the software.  Is it reasonable to expect all desktop users to edit a 
root configuration file to get the behavior they always had, behavior 
that is consistent with the program's official documentation?

Alternatively, if the current restrictive policy.xml is considered 
reasonable or necessary, it should be better documented. Because the 
policy.xml restrictions make everyday format shifting impossible, it is 
important to clearly indicate in the error message that (a) the package 
no longer works like it always did, and (b) how the desktop user can get 
things working again.

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