Please Read.

Emenike Okadigbo.
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:55:23 +0000

For your kind attention=2C

Please=2C this is a matter of urgency=2C this is because I need your help
and I need it very quickly too=2E
My name is Emenike Okadigbo=2C the son of  the son of the former senate
president of  Nigeria Dr=2E  Chuba Okadigbo who died  Thursday September 
25=2C2003 he died as a result of teargas sprayed by the police in a
rally held in kano on  Tuesday September 23=2C 2003=2E  =28you can visit this
website for more details  regarding my late father=2E
http=3A=2F=2Fwww=2Eusafricaonline=2Ecom=2Fchubaokadigbo=2Echido2003=2Ehtml=29=2EI am
contacting you because of my need to deal with persons whom my family and I have
had no previous personal relationships=2E
Before the death of my father=2C  he called me and told me that he
deposited some huge amount of money totalling =A313=2C200=2C000=2E00 in a
security company in Europe=2E He also informed me that the reason why he is giving me this information is because I was born out of wedlock and he knew my step
mother along with my step siblings will not want to share his wealth
with me=2CBecause they did not like me from the first day they knew about my
existence=2E He also informed me that I should look for a reliable and
trustworthy person who will assist me in getting the funds out of the
security company and assist me in investing it=2E
Some few days after his death  I went to seek assistance from a close
friend of his who works in the Nigerian chambers of commerce and he
informed me that as a government official he is not allow to run a foreign
account and do international business=2E So he said the only help he can render
me is to look for a reliable foreigner who can assist me=2E It took a couple of
days before he came out with your name and contact=2E
This is why i am contacting you for assistance=2E My father also informed
me that i should not allow my step mother and siblings know about my
Inheritance from him=2E So please i will like you to keep this
confidential=2E It should be between me and you=2E

To show my preparedness and appreciation to carry-out this business
with you=2C 25% of the total sum will be your share and 5% commission of
the proceeds realized from the investment of this fund will also be yours I
need your full support and co-operation for the success of this
I plead with you to treat this issue confidential and urgent because my
life and future depends on this funds=2E I would want you to reach me
through my through my personal email address emeokadigbo=40www=2Ecom if you are interested to assist me=2E I
sincerely will appreciate your response=2E All documentation regarding
the deposit of the funds are in my possession=2E It was handed over to me
by my father=2E
Right now I have  relocated to Europe until am able to get the funds out
of the security company=2E
I wait to hear from you=2E Thank you and remain blessed=2E
Best Regards=2C
Emenike Okadigbo=2E