Bug#241361: Te problem is in gnome-session with gnome-wm

Ernesto Jiménez Caballero ernestojc@telefonica.net, 241361@bugs.debian.org
Fri, 02 Apr 2004 17:35:30 +0200

El vie, 02-04-2004 a las 17:22, Josselin Mouette escribió:
> Le jeu 01/04/2004 à 19:25, Ernesto Jiménez Caballero a écrit :
> >    * Use metacity by default:
> >    + gnome-wm: use metacity or sawfish when it is available
> >    + default.session: let gnome-wm discover the window manager
> >  
> > It doesn't let us to configure the selection with gconf-editor (when yo=
> > restart gnome metacity is running).
> This wasn't possible before either.
Yeah, it was, you can run gconf-editor and change it in desktop -> gnome
-> applications -> window_manager
I did it in order to have sawfish running.

> > I thought that it was because it found metacity and sawfish and selecte=
> > metacity without listening my configuration (gconf and
> > update-alternatives pointing to sawfish). So I moved /usr/bin/metacity
> > to /usr/bin/metacity.no and it started with sawfish.
> Configuring the GNOME window manager with update-alternatives is evil,
> that's why this is no more the case. If you want to use sawfish, just
> run it instead of metacity (killall metacity; sawfish&) and save your
> session.
It worked before upgrading gnome-session, now it doesn't
I do killall metacity; sawfish&
and change the configuration with gconf, but it still runs metacity.

Regards, and thanks for your work
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