Bug#241361: Te problem is in gnome-session with gnome-wm

Josselin Mouette 241361@bugs.debian.org, 241361@bugs.debian.org
Sat, 03 Apr 2004 14:04:56 +0200

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Le ven 02/04/2004 =E0 17:35, Ernesto Jim=E9nez Caballero a =E9crit :
> > > It doesn't let us to configure the selection with gconf-editor (when =
> > > restart gnome metacity is running).
> >=20
> > This wasn't possible before either.
> Yeah, it was, you can run gconf-editor and change it in desktop -> gnome
> -> applications -> window_manager
> I did it in order to have sawfish running.

Upstreams just confirmed me that this gconf key isn't read at all in
GNOME 2.4.

> > Configuring the GNOME window manager with update-alternatives is evil,
> > that's why this is no more the case. If you want to use sawfish, just
> > run it instead of metacity (killall metacity; sawfish&) and save your
> > session.
> It worked before upgrading gnome-session, now it doesn't
> I do killall metacity; sawfish&
> and change the configuration with gconf, but it still runs metacity.

The point is not changing the gconf key, which isn't used. You have to
save your session when it is running sawfish. It will be restored with
sawfish when you log in. My guess is that you were still running the
default session, having it configured through update-alternatives.

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