Please NMU libeel2-data, removing dependency on libeel2-2

Johannes Rohr
Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:44:11 +0100


I see that you have previously NMU'd libeel2-2. Can you do it once

The reason is bug #232370. There is a cyclic dependency between
libeel2-2 and libeel2-data. When apt on a buildd sets up the
build-depends for a package that needs eel2 for building, it does not
know which package to configure first. If it has to configure lots of
packages, it splits them up into chunks. If libeel2-2 and libeel2-data
happen to be in different chunks, configuring them fails inevitably
because each one of them depends on the other already being configured.
(look for the thread "Strange FTBFS on s390" on debian-devel for full

This has bitten nautilus-media on s390, therefore it is out of date now
and blocked from testing. 
buildd log is here:

While one solution would be to convince the
s390 admins to update their version of apt, the -- probably -- easier
one is to eliminate the cyclic dependency.

Therefore, could you probably lowser libeel2-data's dependency on
libeel2-2 to "suggests" or "recommends"? 

As soon as it has been built on s390, I would ask the s390 guys to
requeue nautilus-media.

Thanks a lot!


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