Bug#234665: metacity: Please move the schemas to libmetacity

Johannes Rohr Johannes Rohr <j.rohr@comlink.org>, 234665@bugs.debian.org
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:27:12 +0100

Am Mi, den 25.02.2004 schrieb Sebastian Kapfer um 02:06:


> Another issue: Metacity doesn't uninstall its schema file when the
> package is removed.  This made tracking down the bug more difficult than
> necessary.  Please also fix this while you're messing with GConf anyway
> :-)

That won't make any difference, as removing the schemas file does not
unregister the respective keys. 

A .schemas file behaves just like a ".reg" file on Windoze: After you
have processed it, the keys will be stored in the registry, no matter
what you do with the .reg file later. So, gconf tends to become bloated
with orphaned keys, just as the windoze registry, and there is not much
that the Debian GNOME maintainers can do about it.

OTOH, .schemas files should generally not be treated as conffiles, given
that they are not meant to be modified by users. Actually they should be
stored in /usr/share instead of /etc for that reason, but this is a
fundamental design error in gconf and it can only be corrected by