Bug#269792: fails to move inbox across partition boundary

Siward de Groot Siward de Groot <siward@wanadoo.nl>, 269792@bugs.debian.org
Fri, 3 Sep 2004 16:21:07 +0200

Package: balsa
Version: 2.0.17-2
Severity: normal

Title : fails to move inbox across partition boundary

I have several linux OS's, each on it's own partition,
  and wanted to have mailboxes on yet another partition
  that is mounted by each of linux's.

Trying to change inbox
  from /var/mail/xuser
  to /my/mail/inbox
  by editing alsa::menu::mailbox::edit::mailboxpath
  failed with errormessage :
    'Rename of /var/mail/inbox to /my/mail/inbox/ failed: \
      invalid cross-debvice link'

When new and old filename are on separate partitions,
  instead of a rename,
  new mailbox must be created,
  contents of old mailbox copied to it,
  and old mailbox deleted
  (this also works when both are on same partition ofcourse).

I "solved" this by editing ~/.gnome2/balsa file (iirc),
  which resulted in 2 [view]s for inbox,
  which did not have same options in ~/. file,
  so i kept both.
Opening inbox and then dragging a message to other view of inbox
  duplicated message first time i did it.
Third time it crashed balsa.
I'm not filing a separate bugreport about this,
  as bts has no package called 'siward', unfortunately :-).
  (a pointer to syntax and meaning of [view] would be nice though).

Alsa also crashed 2 times when i was trying to get it to use new inbox,
  by using menu::preferences, menu::mailbox::edit,
  and menu::mailbox::delete
I was shown a window that gave me option to
  'report this to developers' or restart,
  and as it did not say to simply send coredumpfile named *.core
    that could be found in directory ???
    as an e-mail attachment to you,
  i chose restart.
Perhaps it would be a good idea / a great nuisance
 to change text of popup ?

have fun,



 aargh! a superfluous word !