Bug#268326: gedit: since GTK 2.4.9-1, dies on Open File

Sebastien Bacher Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>, 268326@bugs.debian.org
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 21:21:53 +0200

Le samedi 04 septembre 2004 =E0 23:46 +0300, Martin-=C9ric Racine a =E9crit=

> Yes, I still have this bug. No, I haven't seen any other app crash this w=
ay. =20
> Did the trace I sent provide any clue as to how this happens?

Sorry but still no news, 0 crash here and apparently very few people
have this problem. Any chance you try with libgnomeui 2.8 from
experimental ? Upstreams are asking if the bug is reproducible with a
new version and will probably close it if we don't provide news ... and
since I don't have any crash here it's hard to reply in bugzilla ...


Sebastien Bacher