Bug#271859: service admin reorders whole boot sequence without asking

Thomas Hood Thomas Hood <jdthood@aglu.demon.nl>, 271859@bugs.debian.org
Sat, 25 Sep 2004 09:41:21 +0200

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 05:12, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Does this bug affect version 0.90.0-3 of gnome-system-tools in testing?

Unfortunately, yes.  Here are "before" and "after" directory listings.

root@thanatos:/etc/rc2.d# l
./                S20apmd@            S20pcmcia@      S89fcron@
../               S20binfmt-support@  S20postfix@     S91apache@
S10sysklogd@      S20cupsys@          S20ssh@         S91samba@
S11klogd@         S20dbus-1@          S20waproamd@    S91vmware@
S14ppp@           S20fam@             S20webmin@      S99fetchmail@
S15dnsmasq@       S20gpm@             S20xprint@      S99gdm@
S18portmap@       S20ifplugd@         S21nfs-common@  S99linuxlogo@
S19nscd@          S20inetd@           S30squid@       S99rmnologin@
S19spamassassin@  S20laptop-mode@     S50systune@     S99stop-bootlogd@
S20acpid@         S20makedev@         S89atd@         S99tpctl@
S20alsa@          S20netapplet@       S89cron@
root@thanatos:/etc/rc2.d# l
./              S45apmd@            S45pcmcia@        S66samba@
../             S45binfmt-support@  S45postfix@       S89cron@
S10sysklogd@    S45cupsys@          S45spamassassin@  S89fcron@
S11klogd@       S45dbus-1@          S45ssh@           S91vmware@
S14ppp@         S45fam@             S45waproamd@      S93fetchmail@
S15dnsmasq@     S45gpm@             S45webmin@        S99alsactl@
S20netapplet@   S45ifplugd@         S45xprint@        S99gdm@
S21nfs-common@  S45inetd@           S47squid@         S99linuxlogo@
S22portmap@     S45laptop-mode@     S50systune@       S99rmnologin@
S45acpid@       S45makedev@         S55apache@        S99stop-bootlogd@
S45alsa@        S45nscd@            S55atd@           S99tpctl@
root@thanatos:/etc/rc2.d# dpkg -l gnome-system-tools|grep gnome
ii  gnome-system-t 0.90.0-3       Cross-platform configuration utilitie

The network admin module also has bugs that I consider to be serious.  I
would like to see both the service admin and network admin modules
disabled for writing until such time as they have been fixed.
Thomas Hood