Bug#271691: .gnome2/session-manual file

Darius Darius <dramob@insightbb.com>, 271691@bugs.debian.org
Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:12:24 -0400

> Hi,
> Ok, sorry I'm a bit confused. In the file you provided gdesklets was in
> both session and session-manual. If you remove it from session (just
> move the file out of the way for example), do you still have the same
> problem ? Apparently "gdesklets start" works fine from a gnome-terminal,
> if the previous changes it's not ok it's probably a session bug ...

Sorry, I switched the file names in the previous post!  If I move the
session file (the one that is saved with gnome-session-save) and restart
gnome, Gdesklets icon comes up on the splash screen only.  The panel
notification area does not show it... When I go to a terminal and type
gdesklets start, it starts up and the icon appears in the notification
area. I can start other programs with the startup file fine, for
instance I could add xmms to the startup dialogue and it would start
as expected when I logged in to gnome.  I know this is frustrating but
this is what I have been trying to troubleshoot for the past month or
so.  I have even wiped out the install ( rm -rf  usr/share/gdesklets )
and reinstalled from source and with apt but that didn't work!

Thanks for your suggestions,