Bug#342004: gdm doesn't start with sarge installation

Ryan Murray rmurray at debian.org
Sun Dec 4 23:33:36 UTC 2005

reassign 342004 xserver-xfree86
retitle 342004 xserver-xfree86: poor support for graphics device in HP Pavilion 7845s

On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 12:00:46PM -0700, Joseph Michael Smidt wrote:
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> I have successfully installed Etch from the testing installation CD.
> However when I go to install Sarge from it's install CD the same way I
> installed Etch gdm will not start up, instead you get a fuzzy screen.  I have installed it three times with the same result each time. The screen after being fuzzy for a minute sends me to a command promp and says to file a bug report so I am.

This isn't a bug in gdm.  (The same version is in sarge and etch right now).
What's different, is X.  It sounds like xfree86 4.3 doesn't support your
videocard correctly, but xorg 6.8 does.

> 1. Find a HP Pavilion 7845 computer.

What kind of Graphics card does it have?

You can work around this problem by installing an xorg backport for sarge.

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