Bug#415176: rhythmbox restarts on close unless doing "kill" on the command line

Martin Ketzer martin.ketzer at gmx.de
Sun Mar 18 16:35:26 CET 2007

Sven Arvidsson wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 11:42 +0100, Martin Ketzer wrote:
>>  > Can you run rhythmbox from the terminal in debug mode (rhythmbox -d) and
>>  > see if you can capture any interesting error messages when you close?
>>  > Keep in mind that debug mode is very verbose.
>>  >
>> hm, i see nothing out of the ordinary. problem is, that the "exit" of 
>> rhythmbox starts a new instance (without -d). but i tried a few things.
>> 1. mv /usr/bin/rhythmbox /usr/bin/rhythmbox.orig
>>     and execute "rhythmbox.orig"
>> results in rhythmbox exiting normally without restart
>> 2. write a shell-script named "rhythmbox" that does execute
>>     "rhythmbox.orig -d" and pipes the output into a file
>> but that results again in rhythmbox exiting normally without restart 
>> (and nothing interesting in the log again).
>> after that i renamed the original rhythmbox to it's usual name the 
>> restarting occurs again. odd...
> Yes, I'm quite curious myself to figure out what is causing this.
> The next time you close rhythmbox and the restart happens, can you run
> this?
>         cat /proc/$(pidof rhythmbox)/environ
> Maybe it can give a clue as to what is starting rhythmbox again. Be sure
> to scan the output for any personal information before you mail it.
here it is (i don't think it actually contains secret information, at
least as far as i'm concerned):

and second:
one time when i closed rhythmbox it had a bug-buddy-window popping up,
claiming some kind kind of crash happened. unfortunately i clicked it
away before realizing what it was and it wasn't reproduceable. so it may
be completely unrelated. on the other hand maybe gnome automatically
restarts crashed programs (i hope not, at least not without asking first)

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