Bug#702295: NMU'ing zenity with fixes cherry-picked from upstream for #702295?

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Tue Jun 17 08:21:18 UTC 2014


intrigeri wrote (07 Jun 2014 13:56:48 GMT) :
> It's unlikely that Jessie gets these fixes for free through zenity
> 3.14 (right?), so I hereby propose that we cherry-pick these two
> commits for Jessie. What do the maintainers think?

> If you agree that's the way to go, then I'm happy to prepare and
> upload a NMU (I'll find better names for the quilt patches, and will
> add proper DEP-3 headers).

I plan to go ahead and upload to DELAYED/7 if I don't hear from you in
the next few days. Still, I'd be very happy to get feedback from the
Debian GNOME maintainers first :)


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