Bug#787419: Serious bug

Mert Dirik mertdirik at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 20:30:08 UTC 2015

> I do obviously think that this bug qualify for that. Apparently #771205 was considered
> not release-critical in the freeze time, so we should not include that one then.
> #748469 is probably a candidate since it sounds quite annoying although I haven't
> experienced it myself.
We might first try backporting fixes for 3 of them, then backpedal on 
#771205 if it is met with resistance again.
> So if I understand correctly, we could just file a "jessi-pu" bug on release.debian.org
> argumenting for that the few worst fixes should be backported including the debdiff, and
> then afterwards tell the maintainers about the outcome so that they can take action.
Yeah, I've never done that before but it looks like the way we should 

I'll also inform Vlad from the thread I've linked above in case he's 

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