Bug#787419: Serious bug

Ruben Undheim ruben.undheim at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 07:28:31 UTC 2015

> We might first try backporting fixes for 3 of them, then backpedal on
> #771205 if it is met with resistance again.

I think we should concentrate on bugs that are so serious that they cause data-loss
for users (crash). That is beneficial for everyone, and also the Stable Release team would
be happy to have things like that fixed. Since #771205 was not considered critical
enough even in the freeze period (when it is easier to get patches in than now), 
it may be hard to get acceptance for it now.
Do you have an overview of the other bugs that
have been filed for gtk? Are there any others that may cause data-loss for users, that 
are fixed in sid and have patches available like #787419 and #748469?

> >So if I understand correctly, we could just file a "jessi-pu" bug on release.debian.org
> >argumenting for that the few worst fixes should be backported including the debdiff, and
> >then afterwards tell the maintainers about the outcome so that they can take action.
> Yeah, I've never done that before but it looks like the way we should
> proceed.

I've done it once for one of my "own" packages, but doing it for someone else's package
is new to me..


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