Bug#930294: Nautilus slow to respond and consumes 100% CPU resource

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 09:52:57 BST 2019

On Mon, 17 Jun 2019 at 03:08, Jason Crain <jason at inspiresomeone.us> wrote:

> On 2019-06-14, Vikram Vincent <vincentvikram at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Nautilus found files with duplicate filenames in some libreoffice
> templates in
> > the Templates folder and was looping on that.  The moment I deleted the
> > content, nautilus behaviour came back to normal.
> What kind of documents and what filenames? I'm still unable to reproduce
> the issue after adding a few files to my Templates folder.

I've uploaded the entire folder contents so you can try to replicate the bug

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