Bug#930294: Nautilus slow to respond and consumes 100% CPU resource

Jason Crain jason at inspiresomeone.us
Mon Jun 17 17:42:39 BST 2019

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 02:22:57PM +0530, Vikram Vincent wrote:
> I've uploaded the entire folder contents so you can try to replicate the bug

I think you've misunderstand what the Templates folder is for. It's for
nautilus's, or possibly another file manager's, "New Documents" menu.
Right-click in a nautilus window and it will show options to create
documents based on what is in the Templates folder. For example, you
could have a file in there named "Text Document.txt" and nautilus will
see this and offer you the option to create a new text document in its
right-click menu.

Instead, you've placed a git repository of LibreOffice Impress templates
in that folder. These are not the kind of template files that nautilus
is expecting, they are themes for creating slideshow presentations in
the Impress application. They contain a lot of images and xml, so
nautilus spends a lot of time scanning the 2678 files in that directory
to build its New Documents menu. Even if nautilus were faster or more
efficient, you would be left with a very confusing New Document menu in

It's not clear to me what should be done to address this. Possibly the
Templates folder is confusing and the concept should be redesigned.
Possibly nautilus should be made more efficient, since based on my
limited testing, it appears to rebuild the New Documents menu more often
than it should. Possibly nautilus should have a safeguard or limit on
the number of entries that it is willing to add to the New Documents

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