[Debian GNUstep maintainers] GDL2 Release for Debian Lenny

Hubert Chathi uhoreg at debian.org
Fri Jun 6 21:07:27 UTC 2008

Yavor Doganov wrote:

> Exactly.  The GNUstep stack has always been a problem for the release
> team, and the last transition (I'm not blaming GNUstep developers at
> all) was the most painful in the history.  We had to patch/modify
> literally every package, and this was combined with some bugs exposed
> by the new dpkg-shlibdeps behavior and other toolchain/infrastructure
> improvements in Debian that revealed a lot of bugs.

(Dropping the GNUstep Dev list, since this is Debian-specific.)

I'm hoping that the next one will be better.  The last one was a big
pain because of the changes in GNUstep-make.  The next one should mostly
just be ordering a bunch of binNMUs.

Yes, the last transition was extremely painful.

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