[Debian GNUstep maintainers] GDL2 Release for Debian Lenny

Hubert Chathi uhoreg at debian.org
Sat Jun 7 19:44:13 UTC 2008

Yavor Doganov wrote: 
>> Hubert Chathi wrote:
>> Perhaps we should take a quick poll.

> This is an excellent idea, but how do you expect to do it?  The lists
> this discussion is being carried on have limited audience.  Of course
> the opinion of the gnustep-dev subscribers is valuable, and that of
> the main GNUstep maintainers and contributors matters even more.

Right now, I'm mostly interested in the opinion of the GNUstep
developers (i.e. those who are subscribed to these two lists), since
they probably understand the issues better.  Of course, I hope that they
would consider regular GNUstep users in their response.

So, to everyone: please let me know what you would prefer for us to do
in Debian: keeping the old GNUstep release plus (nearly) all
applications, or upgrading to the newer release, and being able to
upgrade some applications as well, but losing some applications, such as
Terminal and Vindaloo.

Please let me know by Wednesday, so that I can make a decision.

>> Yes, the powerpc one smells like the old build failure that hit
>> gnustep-examples, so I wonder if the same "fix" would work, 

Yup, it looks like Renaissance is building fine on powerpc and hppa now,
once I forced it to compile with "-O2", so we should have Renaissance
0.9.0 in Debian Lenny.

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