Bug#608504: please provide libgcrypt11 udeb package for debian-installer

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Thu Jan 13 18:08:36 UTC 2011

On 2011-01-12 Jonas Meurer <jonas at freesources.org> wrote:
> On 03/01/2011 Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > [...]
> > It does. I saw this just before uploading but uploaded anyway to get
> > into NEW. I intend to version the build-depends accordingly, once the
> > new gpg-error is accepted.

> now that both libgcrypt11-udeb and libgpg-error0-udeb passed the NEW
> queue, you could consider to re-upload libgcrypt11.

I plan to do so on the weekend. Snowboarding conditions look bad, I
should have time to spare. ;-)

> I'm not sure whether versioned build-depends help about that, though.
> The versioned build-depends don't verify that the udeb is available,
> after all. I thought about versioning the build-depends on
> libgcrypt11-dev accordingly as well, but that could perfectly well be
> achieved by installing the right version of that exact package
> (libcrypt11-dev) locally, without having any repositories configured
> that hold libgcrypt11-udeb.

Afaiu the shlibs info for the udeb is provided in the regular library

ametzler at argenau:/tmp$ mkdir foo && cd foo && \
  ar -x /chroots/sid/var/cache/apt/archives/libgpg-error0_1.10-0.2_i386.deb &&\
  tar xzf control.tar.gz
ametzler at argenau:/tmp/foo$ cat shlibs
libgpg-error 0 libgpg-error0 (>= 1.10)
udeb: libgpg-error 0 libgpg-error0-udeb (>= 1.10)

When building libgcrypt11-udeb (dh|_dpkg-)shlibdeps searches for
matching udeb lines in the shlibs file and uses them for resolving the
udeb's dependencies. Configured repositories do not play a role in
this. Therefore the build-depends works.

I have not really got a documentation to back this, but a little bit
of data. I played around a little when libgpg-error0 1.10-0.2 was
available in incoming (but not yet apt-able). Building
libcrypt11 against the locally installed libgpg-error0
1.10-0.2 produced correct udeb depends where 1.10-0.1 failed.

cu andreas

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