[pkg-go] RFS: golang-bugsnag-go

Potter, Tim (Cloud Services) timothy.potter at hp.com
Wed May 20 03:15:00 UTC 2015

Hi everyone.  I have another group of packages completed as part of the dependencies for fleet.  It has a couple of install and test dependencies.

* golang-bugsnag-go (ITP: #785167)
* golang-go-simplejson (ITP: #785087) (test dependency only)
* golang-bmizerany-assert (ITP: #785166) (test dependency only) (bad package name?)
* golang-bugsnag-panicwrap  (ITP: #785086) (forked version of ConradIrwin/panicwrap, which is a forked version of mitchellh/panicwrap which may not be being updated)
* golang-loggo  (ITP: #785083) (test dependency only)
* golang-gocheck (#785772) (Upstream update required) (test dependency only)
* golang-osext (ITP: #785278) (test dependency only)

This package requires golang-revel, which is the subject of a previous request for sponsorship to this list.

All packages available in the pkg-go repository, except for the golang-gocheck update which I’ve broken out into a repo in tpot-guest until I get the OK.


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