[pkg-go] RFS: golang-bugsnag-go

Michael Stapelberg stapelberg at debian.org
Sun May 24 22:52:47 UTC 2015

For the record: I’m holding off reviewing these until you reply to my
comments on the other thread since I assume that addressing the problems I
pointed out on the other thread will also be beneficial for these.

If you’d like me to not wait for that and rather go ahead, let me know.

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 5:15 AM, Potter, Tim (Cloud Services) <
timothy.potter at hp.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I have another group of packages completed as part of the
> dependencies for fleet.  It has a couple of install and test dependencies.
> * golang-bugsnag-go (ITP: #785167)
> * golang-go-simplejson (ITP: #785087) (test dependency only)
> * golang-bmizerany-assert (ITP: #785166) (test dependency only) (bad
> package name?)
> * golang-bugsnag-panicwrap  (ITP: #785086) (forked version of
> ConradIrwin/panicwrap, which is a forked version of mitchellh/panicwrap
> which may not be being updated)
> * golang-loggo  (ITP: #785083) (test dependency only)
> * golang-gocheck (#785772) (Upstream update required) (test dependency
> only)
> * golang-osext (ITP: #785278) (test dependency only)
> This package requires golang-revel, which is the subject of a previous
> request for sponsorship to this list.
> All packages available in the pkg-go repository, except for the
> golang-gocheck update which I’ve broken out into a repo in tpot-guest until
> I get the OK.
> Thanks!
> Tim.
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