[pkg-go] DEP-14 and backports for prometheus and docker.io

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Fri May 6 11:13:28 UTC 2016

Hi Tim,

On 06/05/16 02:12, Potter, Tim (HPE Linux Support) wrote:

> Hi Martin.  Here's my process for creating a backport from an existing pkg-go repository.  I
> might be able to get some help to do this for the ~160 packages if you are willing to do
> the uploads.
> $ git clone $REPO
> $ git checkout -b debian/sid # initial branch is master
> $ git checkout -b debian/jessie-backports

> $ vi debian/gbp.conf # create new or update existing file
> pristine-tar = True
> debian-branch = debian/sid
> upstream-branch = master

Not completely sure what does this do, but looks wrong to me :)

> $ dch -i
> [Create new changelog entry with jessie-backports suite and ~bpo8+1 version suffix]
> $ git commit debian/changelog -m "Upload to backports"
> $ git tag debian/$VERSION~bpo+1
> $ git push origin --tags master debian/sid debian/jessie-backports

This seems convoluted and too complicated... What I have been doing for
prearing backports (but I only started a week ago), is this:

$ git checkout -b debian/jessie-backports (from either master or debian/sid)
$ dch --bpo "" && sed -i 4d debian/changelog

dch has already a backports option that does the version correctly. The
sed command is to remove the extra line that dch puts for you to write in.

Now, to upload to backports you need the matching version to be already
in testing, so for a few packages I branched off the corresponding tag
instead of HEAD, to get the version right.

A couple of things to take into account: you most probably will need to
set versioned dependencies in dh-golang (if the package is using
xs-import-path you need 1.10), and golang-go (because hipster
programmers :))

> I'm not sure whether you want to delete the master branch and set debian-branch to
> debian/sid.  I think this is what you have done in some of the other pkg-go repos you
> are maintainer for.  Happy to go with whatever you think is right.

In the packages I prepared, debian/sid is the initial branch from the
start. THere is no big deal about keeping master, but I prefer
debian/sid personally, it's consistent and explicit. Also, it gives me
no extra work, beause I set the repo so it is the default branch.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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