[pkg-go] DEP-14

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at debian.org
Sat May 7 00:00:34 UTC 2016

On Friday, 6 May 2016 1:59:15 PM AEST Martín Ferrari wrote:
> The one that is the most morale impacting is not caring about the style
> of a package that somebody else has been working on, and just using your
> preferences nevertheless.

This is an unfair accusation. Believe it or not I do my best to avoid 
disruptive changes. If you have a flawless record it is only because you do 
little work on others' packages. You pretty much guaranteed to make (more) 
mistakes as you do more work.

> Example from 2 minutes ago: golang-dbus, where Tianon had been tracking
> upstream commits directly until v2, and for v3 you just imported a tarball.

I did not realise that I've broken something by importing tarball. To me the 
whole maintenance of "upstream" and "pristine-tar" branches is a pure burden 
for complianece with GBP but I do it anyway. How can one notice style of 
upstream tracking? It is easy to miss/overlook. Besides (instead of blaming 
me) you could point out that such upstream tracking is highly unusual in our 
team as overwhelming number of our packages just import tarballs...

I'd like to comment regarding this particular practice: if I had to choose 
single most annoying most harmful packaging practice it would be merging 
upstream sources to master with all history of upstream commits.
It blends few packaging related commits with many upstream commits which 
makes it very difficult to work on packaging. This is exactly what happens 
when upstream repository merged to "upstream" branch by tag (with all history 
of commits) and then merged into "master" without squashing upstream commits.
I strongly recommend to avoid this practice.

> Since this is a team, we need to find what is best for the group as a
> whole, not only for you.

I don't know why would you make such comment unless your intention is to 
label me as selfish non-cooperating person.  :(

> In any case, GBP is more or less the de-facto standard nowadays, and
> helps save a lot of time. I don't really see why you think it is a time
> waster for you.

Because it is time waster for me! You know, I'm very well qualified to judge 
what is a time waster for me. I tried GBP more than twice and I find it 
highly inconvenient. I think GBP makes packaging more complicated. Not only 
one needs to understand git and Debian packaging but also be familiar with a 
particular tool (and its repository layout) that already proliferated to the 
point where you can meet people (even DDs) not knowing how to build a Debian 
package without GBP...

I have a job, family and some commitments that limit time that I can dedicate 
to packaging. Yet I counted 5.8 times more golang packages in my DDPO than I 
see in yours, Martín. Maybe you could improve effectivness of your packaging 
skills if you learn more about my methods?

I always welcome improvement ideas and I believe that good communication is 
very important. I'm sorry to say that your hostility and nitpicking makes me 
feel unwelcome in this team despite all my efforts to move things forward...

 Dmitry Smirnov.


Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their
illusions destroyed.
        -- Friedrich Nietzsche
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