[pkg-go] Creating RFS bugs and maybe consider posting to the new ML

Alexandre Viau alexandre at alexandreviau.net
Fri Jul 27 09:50:35 BST 2018


Thank you for your packaging work.

I see that you have sent quite a number of RFS mails to the pkg-go
mailing list.

I was wondering if you would consider creating actual RFS bugs so that
the progress on those is easier to follow. There are quite a number of
requests and I think that bugs will make it easier to follow.

I also notice that you are posting to the older pkg-go mailing list,
maybe you should consider posting to both lists at the same time, or
just to the new one.

I'll happily begin sponsoring if you start opening RFS bugs, and
possibly provide a place where all bugs can be tracked. Maybe a snippet
on salsa?


Alexandre Viau
alexandre at alexandreviau.net

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