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Tue Oct 6 13:13:21 BST 2020

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Hi editor of LISTS! Are you ready for some awesome news?

Now we’re about to launch our new product, Remodo VC [https://bit.ly/2GKksnO], the world’s first universal remote controller for web conferencing on Kickstarter!

Link to press release and media kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing]
Have you ever experienced embarrassing moments while video conferencing at work or in school?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you!
Remodo VC [https://bit.ly/2GKksnO]
Remodo VC highlight features:

● Easily Mute & Turn Camera On/Off - features dedicated buttons for MUTE and toggling the CAMERA ON/OFF, removing the need to look for the mouse, the cursor and the icons to function

● Swap between Zoom, MS Teams and other meetings with 1 Click - 3 dedicated hotkeys for back-to-back video conferencing on Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, etc.

● Mobile App for Easy Programming - allows users to custom program their favorite keyboard shortcuts via the mobile app - to perform functions such as Screen Share, End Call, Screen Capture and Raise Hand

● Function as Presenter Remote/Clicker - allows users to seamlessly transition between slides and also freezing frames on the projector

Don't miss our Exclusive Rewards  for students and teachers - 3 months free  access to Deltapath's Dolby-grade web conferencing account, and a FREE GIFT for anyone who shares our campaign - a mobile app privilege to use the Remodo VC [https://bit.ly/2GKksnO]  as an IR extender.

Remodo VC will be launching on Kickstarter in early October 2020 and there are only a few days to go!

The Remodo VC is available at a value-driven crowdfunding project price of US$33. By pledging to support this Kickstarter campaign, the Remodo VC can be purchased for under the future retail price of US$48.

Please get a sneak preview of Remodo VC  here:


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Thank you so much for your support!


<<Visit Our Website>> [http://remodo.net]

<<Press release & Media kit>> [https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14_bDCsw4IGJsgxTfLMRmLQdE-Spz4yu9?usp=sharing]

Copyright @ 2020 Remotec Technology Ltd.

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