[pkg-go] Bug#974892: golang-dbus does not expose package under new import path

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Mon Nov 16 05:00:40 GMT 2020

Source: golang-dbus
Version: 5.0.3-1

The 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 releases of godbus changed the import path to
"github.com/godbus/dbus/v5" via go.mod.

This is evident in golang-dbus-dev package, with the file
including an import of "github.com/godbus/dbus/v5".

Perhaps it would make sense to include a symlink from
/usr/share/gocode/src/github.com/godbus/dbus to
/usr/share/gocode/src/github.com/godbus/dbus/v5 to satisfy code
importing the new path.

Eventually it might make sense to only provide the code at the new
import path, but that would break all current packages that
build-depend on this one.


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