[pkg-go] Bug#976943: golang-github-seccomp-libseccomp-golang: FTBFS on ppc64el (arch:all-only src pkg): dh_auto_test: error: cd obj-powerpc64le-linux-gnu && go test -vet=off -v -p 160 github.com/seccomp/libseccomp-golang returned exit code 1

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Mon Dec 14 19:36:07 GMT 2020

> === RUN   TestRuleAddAndLoad
>     seccomp_test.go:588: Syscall should have returned error code!
> --- FAIL: TestRuleAddAndLoad (0.00s)

Source code is here: https://sources.debian.org/src/golang-github-seccomp-libseccomp-golang/0.9.1-2/seccomp_test.go/#L529-L589

This test is basically loading a seccomp rule and expects that the
getpid() syscall fails with the rule loaded, but in that test it seems
to pass. This might mean that seccomp isn't working on that box.

Lucas, can you elaborate a bit what kind of test system you were using?
Do you have any explanation what might be going on with the test setup that
would make seccomp not work or only under certain conditions?


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