[pkg-go] Bug#978411: src:golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2: fails to migrate to testing for too long: maintainer built arch:all binary

Clément Hermann nodens at debian.org
Mon Dec 28 14:31:02 GMT 2020

Hi Paul,

On 27/12/2020 07:12, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Source: golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2
> Version: 0.0+git20190625.f4822c6-1
> Severity: serious
> Control: close -1 0.0+git20201012.d1943fb-1
> Tags: sid bullseye pending
> User: release.debian.org at packages.debian.org
> Usertags: out-of-sync
> Dear maintainer(s),
> As recently announced [1], the Release Team now considers packages that
> are out-of-sync between testing and unstable for more than 60 days as
> having a Release Critical bug in testing. Your package
> src:golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2 in its current version in unstable has
> been trying to migrate for 62 days [2]. Hence, I am filing this bug.
> If a package is out of sync between unstable and testing for a longer
> period, this usually means that bugs in the package in testing cannot be
> fixed via unstable. Additionally, blocked packages can have impact on
> other packages, which makes preparing for the release more difficult.
> Finally, it often exposes issues with the package and/or
> its (reverse-)dependencies. We expect maintainers to fix issues that
> hamper the migration of their package in a timely manner.
> This bug will trigger auto-removal when appropriate. As with all new
> bugs, there will be at least 30 days before the package is auto-removed.
> I have immediately closed this bug with the version in unstable, so if
> that version or a later version migrates, this bug will no longer affect
> testing. I have also tagged this bug to only affect sid and bullseye, so
> it doesn't affect (old-)stable.
> Your package is only blocked because the arch:all binary package(s)
> aren't built on a buildd. Unfortunately the Debian infrastructure
> doesn't allow arch:all packages to be properly binNMU'ed. Hence, I will
> shortly do a no-changes source-only upload to DELAYED/15, closing this
> bug. Please let me know if I should delay or cancel that upload.


I'll make an upload later today with some small fixes, so you can cancel it.



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