[pkg-go] Bug#988328: Bug#988328: golang-github-pquerna-cachecontrol: FTBFS in tests constant 9223372036854775807 overflows int

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu May 13 12:43:52 BST 2021

> During a rebuild of the package, it is seen that the package fails in
> one of the tests, commonly on 32 bit systems. So far, I can see it fails
> on armhf and i386.

The package is arch all.

While I don't think it's explicitly spelled out anywhere, my understanding
is that it has never been a requirement for arch all packages to build
on all architectures. So IMO this bug should be downgraded (I'm not going
to make the downgrade myself though because I'm not the maintainer)

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